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Asheville's most intimate and unique 300 Seat Theater . . .

The Asheville Masonic Temple is home to Asheville’s most intimate and unique 400-seat Theater. It features hand-painted sets created in 1915 by the traveling Masonic artist from Chicago, Thomas Gibbs Moses.  The preservation of this theater is breathtaking and the 52 backdrops that it offers for your event will set yours apart from others in the area.

wedding-courtney-alex-002 (1).jpg


Our Theater also contains an expansive Green Room as well as very large stage wings right and left.  The location is in the middle of downtown Asheville is perfect for any event.  We are within walking distance to some of Asheville's finest hotels and restaurants.  This central location is what every event producer looks for in an event venue.


The Theater is located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the historic Temple with an expansive staircase that leads guests to their experience, or they can jump back in time on a historic elevator.  On the opposite end of the Theater is the beautiful Noble Room, a great location for drinks, after events, or just a place to let guests mingle during the intermission.

We look forward to hosting your event and performance and want to continue introducing visitors to the experience of Downtown Asheville as part of the passionate efforts to support the continued growth of Asheville's downtown economy and its vibrant arts community. 


Keep an eye out for what is coming this year, the performances will be something you want to reserve a seat for.

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